Self-Leveling Rotary Laser Kit

Code: GRL245HVCK

The Bosch GRL 245 HVCK Self-Leveling Rotary Laser offers horizontal and vertical self-leveling to reach level, aligned and square, and it handles such applications as general leveling and layout, concrete leveling and more. The rotary laser provides users with rapid level lines that are accurate at long distances. The laser projects 90° plumb and layout lines for squaring, with the laser plumb line continually available. The kit includes a laser receiver that allows one person to handle leveling. High rotation speed and manual angle adjustment gives this rotary laser versatility. The unit has robust housing for maximum durability.

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7 in stock

7 in stock


·Full Kit of Accessories Including Laser Receiver, Bracket, Wall Mount, Tripod and Grade Rod
·Self-leveling rotary laser
·High rotation speed and manual angle adjustment
·Horizontal and vertical self-leveling
·IP54 rated, which means that it’s protected against dust and water
·Rapid level lines accurate at long distances
·Variable-speed selection

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